I take every possible care to make sure your jewellery comes out of the studio in tip-top shape. However, metals are alive and will always interact slightly with the skin, perfumes, humidity, and so on. Many found objects such as wood or bone may be of a delicate nature, and need looking after.


So please do not wear any of my jewellery in the swimming pool, sea, shower or other harsh environment. Store your jewellery in the box provided or in a pouch or jewellery box. Please take particular care to properly store enamel work and not drop it on hard surfaces: it is, after all, a glass surface itself and, as such, may be susceptible to sustaining small fractures which could, in time, result in breakage.



I hope you – or the person you might wish to gift any of my jewellery to – will be able to enjoy wearing any of my pieces for a long time. I also hope that you will share in the love and care I put into my work, so if your purchase from Lieta Marziali Contemporary Jewellery needs sprucing up or a small repair, please get in touch via the Contact page to discuss your needs with me before attempting to clean it or before giving it to somebody else to fix. I will endeavour to undertake any reasonable work that is needed for free (apart from shipping costs). If a major repair is required, I will provide an estimate of costs and request your consent before we decide to go ahead.