Making is central to my personal and spiritual growth. I always say that any investigation into the production of new pieces is very much about “making me” as well as making new work. My practice is slow and mindful, not only of the provenance and destination of each piece, but also of my natural cycles of thinking and making. I am also very interested in the calm and the discipline that can be learnt through making and I often like to channel my instinctive and eruptive creative inner self through meditative, challenging and process-intensive work.



Narrative is the driving force behind my thinking, and the need to saycomment or express fills most of my work. A title is often how a new piece will first manifest itself. Sometimes from simply holding a trivial found object which just spoke to me from the ground, sometimes from a recurring word or phrase echoing in my head, sometimes from the need to understand and communicate feelings or personal history. Materials, with no hierarchy of value, are included simply according to how they fit my story.



I seek, in everything I do, to remain mindful of how my presence and my behaviour affect the world I live in. I never stop questioning my actions, especially those I've grown to take for granted. I strive to educate people about the power of awareness and of choice and of the fundamental difference between informed use and wilfully-ignorant abuse. Making is a fundamental part of my existence, and my studio practice reflects the way I try to live my life, in an unselfish dialogue between intention and design.


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