I Am. Again. I Am. brooch #1 - product image

I Am. Again. I Am. brooch #1

These pieces are part of a long ongoing project exploring ideas of regeneration, “becoming”, and the cycles of loss and transformation. The wood was collected over a short period of time in my local heath, an ancient but man-made landscape which, once left unmanaged, had been recolonised by birch woodland. One day, man decided that the trees should sacrificed once again, but only so that the heathland gorse and heathers could grow once more.

Our life is a constant juggle between heathland and woodland... between what we have to give up in order for something else to thrive.

Found wood with three vintage faux pearl detail. The construction of the stainless steel pin mechanism means it can also be work as a pendant.

One-off piece.

Measurements: 6.5 x 5.8 (with pin 7.5) x 4 cm.

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