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Earth spiral ribbon earrings

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The four life elements are brought together: a metal for earth, the fire of a torch, the water of a quenching bowl and the air that binds the process together. Copper – a base metal with powerful properties – is released to its true potential, never allowed to revert to its original state nor to oxidise. The scars are a reminder that change can be a traumatic process, but they are also what confer new beauty and new life. The work in the Earth series is a metaphor for the pursuit of 'becoming what one might be'.

Part-spiral copper ribbons on hand-fabricated 100% recycled silver wire loops.The processes involved in the making of each Earth series piece mean they are all one-off. This also means that earrings in a single pair are not identical.

Measurements: drop from earlobe approx 4.8 cm.

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